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6/25/06 The Hindu (India): Where children cook food, run houses and yet go to school
6/12/06 Associated Press Worldstream: Pakistani children go from making to playing with soccer balls
6/12/06 BBC News: Congo's child miner shame
6/1/06 El Comercio: Por cada dólar que el trabajo infantil genera, el país pierde 6’
5/30/06 El Comercio: Más de 8 millones de niños trabajan en Latinoamérica
5/27/06 El Comercio: 14 formas de trabajo infantil se consideran de alto riesgo
4/30/06 The Observer (England): SPECIAL REPORT: The price of sparkle is child slavery
3/1/06 IndUS Business Journal: India’s lost children
1/25/06 El Tiempo: Los niños trabajan en las bananeras, pese a un plan
Portage Daily Graphic (Manitoba): Investigation Says Wal-Mart Suppliers Use Child Labour
11/1/05 Child Labor Coalition: ‘Applies Only to Child Labor’
9/05 Ethical Corporation: Facing the child labour challenge
Washington Times: Nepalese Get Trapped in Indian Circuses
6/16/04 Congressional Record: Senator Harkin on World Day Against Child Labor
6/10/04 Washington Post: El Salvador Scarred by Child Labor
5/14/04 ICFTU: Children's World Congress: Child labor far from being eradicated
5/10/04 BBC: World's child workers speak out
4/23/04 BBC News: Scale of African Slavery Revealed
1/3/04 New York Times: Brazil Pays Parents to Help Poor Be Pupils, Not Wage Earners
12/30/03 New York Times: Benin's Youngest Boys Join Hard Cycle of Migrant Labor
12/14/03 New York Times: African Girls' Route to School is Still Littered With Obstacles
11/24/03 Washington Post: Mexico's Dropout Economy
10/03 Scholastic News: Child Labor Around the World

Washington Post: Too Many Brains Pack Kenya's Free Schools

BBC: Child Victims of Coffee Trade Wars

ILRF Says Presidential Ban on Child Labor-made Goods is Only a First Step

Ending Abusive Child Labor: Global Strategies for a Global Problem
New Senate Bill on Child Labor is Problematic
Global March Against Child Labor Arrives in the United States
International Labor Rights Fund Files Trade Complaint Seeking Import Ban on Carpets Made with Child Labor
Congress Acts to Ban Imports Made With Child Labor
8/7/06 ICFTU Online: Spotlight on Ignace Bla (Dignité-Côte d'Ivoire)
4/24/06 Forbes: Slave Chocolate?
4/19/06 The Patriot-News: Cocoa suppliers won't be named
4/18/06 International Labor Rights Fund: Statement for Hershey Shareholders Meeting
4/7/06 Reuters: INTERVIEW-Cocoa users must help fight child labour -Ivory Coast
4/2/06 The Patriot News: 'Transparency' sought about cocoa suppliers
Mar 06 Vital New Zealand: Cocoa Crimes
Jan & Feb/06 Utne Reader: Hot Cocoa
2/13/06 Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: Wake Up and Smell the Global Trade Policies
2/13/06 Reuters: Ivory Coast says its cocoa not tainted by slavery
2/13/06 Time Magazine: Guilt-Free Valentines?
2/8/06 New York Times: Chocolate that Flashes its Passport
2/6/06 Marketplace: Ethically-produced chocolate
2/6/06 Marketplace: Bitter secret of a sweet business
2/6/06 ILRF Media Advisory: New Evidence of Child Slavery in Production of Valentine's Day Chocolates
Associated Press: Cocoa Industry Is Booming in Ivory Coast
Miami Student: Alford poor selection for 'Executive of Year'
Guardian Unlimited: Branded
8/25/05 Financial Times: Food Groups Face Child Labor Suit
8/8/05 NPR Kojo Nnamdi Show Interview: Cocoa and Child Slavery
7/27/05 Knight Ridder: ADM targeted in lawsuit alleging forced labor in cocoa farming
Chicago Tribune: Redefining Fair Trade
7/19/05 Glendale News Press: Labor group sues Nestlé
7/18/05 Datamonitor News Service: US food companies sued over forced child labor
The Lone Star Iconoclast: Fair Trade Chocolate At ‘Charlie’ Screenings
Reuters: U.S. companies sued in Calif. over child labor claims
Washington Post: Sorry, Charlie: Johnny Depp's Not Much of a Treat In Tim Burton's 'Chocolate Factory'
ILRF Press Release: Human Rights Watchdog and Civil Rights Firm Sue Nestle, ADM, Cargill, for Using Forced Child Labor
7/4/05 Toronto Star: Child Labour Feeds Chocolate Trade
ILRF Press Release: Harkin-Engel Protocol on Chocolate and Child Slavery Set to Expire on July 1
6/14/05 Congressional Record: Sen. Harkin Speech Against Chocolate Industry and Child Labor
6/9/05 Reuters: Senator urges cocoa trade to act on child labor
3/9/05 Toledo: Take Kids off Cocoa Farms
International Trade Chocolate Manufacturers Group Intervenes In Suit on Côte d'Ivoire's Forced Child Labor
2/10/05 ABC News: Lawmaker Shuns Valentine Candy, Cites Slavery Fear
2/9/05 Chocolate Manufacturers Join Bush Administration to Prevent Enforcement of US Laws Preventing Importation of Goods Made with Child/Slave Labor
10/25/04 Leading Human Rights Watchdog to Sue U.S. Customs Service for Not Enforcing Laws Against Child Labor

One World US: Send Those Halloween Chocolates Back to Mars

5/29/03 The New York Times: U.S. Agency to be Cited in Suit About Trade and Child Labor


ILRF to File Suit Against U.S. Agency for Failure to Enforce its Own Laws

Salon: Bittersweet Chocolate


San Jose Mercury News: U.S. Ban Sought on Cocoa Produced by Child Slaves

1/10/06 The Financial Express: Bt cotton seed firms at the receiving end
1/5/06 Business Standard: Proagro penalises 11 cottonseed growers for employing child labour
Business Standard: Proagro to provide lower interest credits to farmers
12/23/05 Bonded for life
ILRF Press Release: Forced Child Labor in Uzbekistan is Subject of New Study
Environmental Justice Foundation: The True Cost of Cotton
Financial Express: Child labour rampant in AP cotton farms: report
Business Standard: MNC seed cos chalk out action plan for child labour
Business Standard: Low cottonseed procurement price spawns child labour
LA Times: China's Use of Child Labor Emerges From the Shadows
10/4/04 The Hindu: Cotton Farms Continue to Employ Children: Survey
6/29/04 The Hindu: Pesticide exposure claims another child labourer's life
10/03 India Together: ICN Update: No Children on the Farm
6/29/06 Agence France-Presse: University of Cologne Boycotts Coca-Cola
6/16/06 Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Pro-union study blasts Colombia
6/14/06 Financial Times: Bottled up: why Coke stands accused of being too cosy with the Karimovs
6/14/06 LA Times: Black Residue Settles Over Santa Marta
6/2/06 International Labor Rights Fund Press Release: ILRF & USW Bring New Complaint Against Coca-Cola
5/24/06 Boston Globe: Beating odds, a uniter rose from Chicago's tough side
5/19/06 Miami Herald: Mining boss accused of paying for killings
5/9/06 Political Affairs: The "Coke Side of Life" Could Get You Killed
4/26/06 University of Michigan Coke Campaign Press Release: University Restores Contracts Behind Students’ Backs
4/20/06 The Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Coke CEO extols mostly positive numbers
4/14/06 Chronicle of Higher Education: Soft Drinks, Hard Feelings
4/3/06 United Students Against Sweatshops: Letter to Coke concerning PT United Can Company in Indonesia
3/06 War On Want: Coca-Cola: Sucking Communities Dry
3/13/06 Wall Street Journal: Soda Rebellion
3/10/06 The State of the Colombian Flower Industry over 2005
3/8/06 Bloomberg: Colombia, U.S. Trade Partner, Violates Labor Rights, Study Says
3/5/06 ILRF Press Statement: Another "Classic Coke" Move 
3/4/06 Bloomberg News: Coca-Cola asks UN panel to review Colombia labor practices 
3/1/06 Der Tagesspiegel: Anschwellender Boykottgesang (A Rising Call for a Boycott)
2/13/06 Chicago Tribune: Coca-Cola feels heat on killing
2/9/06 Teamsters join protest against Coca-Cola over workers rights
1/23/06 Business Week Online: Inside Coke's Labor Struggles
1/23/06 Business Week Online: How NYU Chose Colombia over Coke
1/06 PBS Frontline/World: Colombia: The Coca-Cola Controversy
1/6/06 Financial Express: Coke struggles to defend positive reputation
1/6/06 Brand Republic: Coca-Cola worried as student boycott over labour rights in Colombia widens
1/5/06 El Tiempo: Diez universidades de E.U. y Europa vetaron el consumo de Coca-Cola por presuntos nexos con 'paras' or English version
Atlanta Journal Consititution: U. of Michigan kicks Coke out
Colombia Journal: From Coca-Cola to Cocaine: ‘Tis the Season for Hypocrisy in Colombia
12/12/05 Big Ban On Campus For Coke Products
El Diario: Un luchador contra la indiferencia
Atlanta Business Chronicle: New York University expels Coke from its campus
Wall Street Journal: Isdell Could Lose Coke’s Cola Crown
United Students Against Sweatshops: response to the lies that Coca-Cola has put out regarding the case in Turkey!
BBC: Coke on the Rocks?
Daily Labor Report: Lawsuit Charges Coca-Cola with Torture
Austin American Stateman: Labor activists sue Coke over spat in Turkey
Seattle: Coca-Cola sued over Turkish labor dispute
Brown Daily Herald: NYU may soon wash its hands of Coca-Cola
Atlanta J-C: Georgia Blue Chips
Daily Vanguard: Financing Violence
Canadian Press: Activists take campaign against Coca-Cola to McMaster, campuses across Canada
Irish Times: Guatemala Letter
Z Magazine: Santo Domingo Massacre in Colombia: A Testimony
Sept 27: The Eyeopener: Students urged to kick Coke habit
Valley Advocate: The Real Thing?
Letter from Luis Javier Correa Suarez: Regional Leader of SINALTRAINAL Assassinated
openDemocracy: Colombia’s agony, Coca-Cola’s responsibility, Americans’ solidarity
ABA: A Foreign Fight (Occidental Petroleum)
Salem Evening News: Colombia provides a case study for evils of corporate
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Coke's day a mix of profits, protests
The News Journal (Delaware): Being heard in Wilmington:Shareholders meetings bring city recognition, revenue - and protesters.
New York Times: Coke Finds Its Bright Spots in Faraway Places
USAS Statement: Cal-Safety is Not a Credible Monitor for Coke
Coke's Colombia Controversy
El Nuevo Herald: Coca-Cola en Colombia no solo mata la sed
Noteworthy Hispanics Working to End Exploitation
Statement In Support of Peaceful Means of Resolving The Conflict In Colombia
The Nation: Coke: The New Nike
Jan 05
Multinational Monitor: The 10 Worst Corporations of 2004
La Jornada: Coca-Cola Faces a Repudiation Campaign (English translation)
Enfrenta Coca-Cola campaña de repudio
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: America's Other War--Colombia
NY Times: Assassination is an Issue in Trade talks
ZNet: US War of Terror in Colombia
Z Magazine: Killer Coke
Colombia Journal: Coca-Cola in Colombia
El Tiempo: The nation is sentenced to pay 2000 million pesos to the victims of the attack on Santo Domingo
CNN: Chiquita paid alleged terror groups
Amnesty International: Colombia: A Dangerous Place for Trade Unionists
Democracy Now: Killer Coke: Activist Disrupts Coca Cola Shareholders Meeting
Washington Post: Human Rights Charges Still Gnaw at Coca-Cola

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Coca-Cola Co: Scuffles, catcalls spice meeting

AP: Coke defends business practices, CEO search secrecy as profits soar
Financial Times: Colombian union renews Coke suit
Colombian Plaintiffs File Amended Complaint Against Coca-Cola
Secretary-Treasurer of the AFL-CIO supports struggle of Drummond workers
Labor Rights Fund Hails Progress in Alien Tort Claims Act Suit Against Occidental Petroleum
Counterpunch: The Magic of Coca-Cola
In These Times: Coke's Killers
City Council Delegation to Colombia Reports on Human Rights Claims Against Coca-Cola
AP: Three Colombian Airmen Charged in Bombing (Occidental Petroleum)
Fiscalia llama a juicio a 3 miembros de FAC (Occidental Petroleum)
Atlanta Business Chronicle: Students Call for Coke Boycott
Nov 03
Dollars and Sense: Stop Killer Coke!
New York Daily News: Bottling Coke and Spilling Blood
Colombia: Trade unionists face alarming resurgence in death threats and forced displacements
Wall Street Journal: Colombian Killings Land U.S. Company In American Court
L.A. Times: Colombian Air Force Chief Quits (Occidental Petroleum)
Vicepresidente denuncia nexos de empresarios con muertes de sindicalistas
Vice President denounces links of business leaders with deaths of unionists
El Tiempo: Vicepresidente denuncia nexos de empresarios con asesinos de sindicalistas
Vice President denounces links of business leaders with deaths of unionists
TIME Europe: Soft Drink, Hard Times: Colombians Boycott Coca-Cola
The Guardian: Coca-Cola Boycott Launched After Killings At Colombian Plants
New York Times: Rights Groups Overseas Fight U.S. Concerns in U.S. Courts
Human Rights Dialogue: Alien Tort Claims Act: Colombia by Javier Correa
La Roche student sues oil company over '98 bombing (Occidental Petroleum)
Union lawsuit against Coke marks unusual effort to aid labor in Colombia
Los Angeles Times: Occidental Sued in Human Rights Case
Lawsuit Filed Against Occidental Petroleum for Involvement in Colombian Massacre
Demanda Presentada Contra Occidental Petroleum por su Involucración en Masacre
New York Times: Investors Dump Coca-Cola Co. Shares
Houston Chronicle: Human Rights, Salary at Issue for Coca-Cola
Houston Chronicle: Union to Protest at Coke Annual Meeting
Colombian Union May Proceed Against Drummond Company
Sindicato Colombiano Puede Avanzar en la Demanda Contra Drummond
El Tiempo: Investigan en E.U. a embotelladora de Coca Cola en Colombia por presunto apoyo a paramilitares
BBC: Coke bottler faces death suit
Miami Herald: Suits OK'd against Coke bottlers
Atlanta Journal and Constitution: Coke, Colombia Bottler Fight Lawsuit
Atlanta Journal and Constitution: Murder in Colombia Lands Coca-Cola in Court Battle
New York Times: Alabama Coal Giant is Sued Over 3 Killings in Colombia
Hoffa Tells Coke: Protect Your Workers
The Coca-Cola Killings: Is Plan Colombia funding a bloodbath of union activists?
"It's the Real Thing: Murders at Coke", by David Bacon
Creative Loafing Atlanta: Terror: It's the Real Thing
Time Magazine Intl. Edition: Under The Gun: Execution-style
killings have Colombia's trade-union activists running scared
New York Times: Union Says Coca-Cola in Colombia Uses Thugs
Colombia Report: Coca Cola Accused of Using Death Squads to Target Union Leaders
Coca-Cola (Coke) to Be Sued for Human Rights Abuses in Colombia
3/13/06 The Jakarta Post: Abuses by int'l firms in RI to be raised with UN
3/9/06 ABC News: Exxon to Appeal Aceh Torture Case Ruling
3/8/06 Associated Press: Exxon: Torture suit sets bad precedent
3/8/06 Agence France-Presse: Exxon appeals against US court order over Aceh abuses
3/3/06 Bloomberg News: Exxon to face suit by villagers over abuse claims
1/10/06 Wall Street Journal: Digging Deep
1/9/06 New York Times: Recklessness in Indonesia
10/21/05 The Houston Chronicle: Villagers' suit will be in a state court
New York Times: Exxon Mobil Becomes Focus of a Boycott
6/8/05 We Condemn Human Rights Violation: ExxonMobil
5/27/05 Pemegang Saham ExxonMobil Pertanyakan Pemberian Dana untuk Militer Indonesia (in Bahasa Indonesia)
5/26/05 The Ghost of a Shareholder Resolution Haunts ExxonMobil Annual Meeting
Press Release: ExxonMobil Investors Shareholder resolution
Statement on Behalf of Antioch New England Graduate School Faculty Senate
Statement by Munawar Zainal, Secretary General, Acheh Center-USA
Reuters: Shareholders push Exxon for change
Asia Times Online: US Ties and Challenges to Peace in Aceh
The Independent: Indonesian Army Ignores Ceasefire to Attack Rebels
Foreign Policy in Focus: Phoenix Rising? Policy report on Aceh, Indonesia (PDF)
SF Chronicle: Military-backed militia sets up Aceh relief effort
NYT: Rebels Express Thanks for Aid to Indonesians
NYT Editorial: The Need to Curb Indonesia's Army
Transcript from To The Point: Indonesian military in Aceh
Australian Financial Review: Why Jakarta Wants Foreigners Out
Baltimore Sun: From Crisis, Opportunity
Znet: Aceh Goes to Heaven!
Sydney Morning Herald: Hope from Aceh's Ruins
IPS: Military offensive hinders aid to Aceh
NPR Democracy Now: Exxon Mobil, Aceh and Tsunami
NYT: Indonesia Takes a Tortuous Path to Oil
Jakarta Post: Of the hearts and minds of the Acehnese
WSJ: Washington's Tilt to Business Stirs a Backlash in Indonesia
Hundreds Rally in Aceh Gasfield to Demand Extension of Contract
Three Acehnese Arrested; Troops Worked for Exxon Mobil: Urgent Action
Washington Post Editorial: Powell's Awkward Position
New York Times Editorial: Oily Diplomacy
Far Eastern Economic Review: Calculating Human Rights
International Herald Tribune: U.S. Hypocrisy in Indonesia
Washington Post Editorial: Human Rights and Terror (PDF)
Agence France Presse: Exxon Welcomes US Backing on Lawsuit
The Economist: In Aceh, "Indonesian" is a Synonym for Foreigner
New York Times: U.S. Backs Oil Giant on Lawsuit in Indonesia
Wall Street Journal: White House Sets New Hurdles for Suits Over Rights Abuses
L.A. Times: U.S. Wants Suit by Indonesians Dismissed
Reuters: U.S. Says Interests Hurt by Suit Against Exxon
Financial Times: US Seeks to Halt Human Rights Suit Against Exxon
Human Rights Watch: U.S./Indonesia: Bush Backtracks on Corporate Responsibility
State Department Opinion Regarding ExxonMobil Litigation (PDF)
New York Times: Indonesia's Guerilla War Puts Exxon Under Siege
The Nation: Exxon Mobil-Sponsored Terrorism?
Agence France Presse: ExxonMobil Fights Indonesia Rights Suit
Agence France Presse: Aceh Rebels Accuse ExxonMobil
of Involvement in "Brutal Military Campaign"
FPDRA chairperson Kautsar goes on trial
Acehnese Student Leader Released from Prison
Jakarta Post: U.S. War on Terrorism may Prove Tragic for Aceh
Mother and Child Kidnapped by Indonesian Soldiers
The Straits Times: Acehnese Leaders Flee Province
Agence France Presse: Legislator, Five Civilians Killed in Indonesia's Aceh
Human Rights Watch: Indonesia: Abuses Mount in Aceh
Time Asia: Who Knew? Amid reports of increasing atrocities
by Indonesian troops, ExxonMobil prepares to return to Aceh
Loyalty Oath Taken by Villagers in the Vicinity of Arun LNG Plant
Aid Workers Find & Bodies in Indonesia's Aceh - Report
Joyo Indonesian News: ExxonMobil Executives Summoned Over Workers' Dismissal
San Francisco Chronicle: Aceh Under Siege: Indonesia
Mounts Violent Campaign to Subdue Rebellious Province
TNI Sends Three More Batallions to Aceh
Two Human Rights Defenders Arrested in Aceh
UPDATE on 3 Protesters Arrested in Aceh
Three Activists Arrested at ExxonMobil Demonstration in Aceh
South China Morning Post: Close ties with military keep company under rights spotlight
BBC News: Exxon 'Helped Torture in Indonesia'
Financial Times: Exxon in Human Rights Trouble
Associated Press: 26 Killed in Two Days of Violence in Indonesia's Aceh
ExxonMobil Sued in U.S. Court for Human Rights Abuses in Indonesia
New York Times: Lawsuit Says Exxon Aided Human Rights Abuses in Indonesia
8/12/06 The Guardian (UK): Young shoppers scorn ethical wear
8/3/06 Women's Wear Daily: Shifting Apparel Landscape
7/9/06 United News of Bangladesh: Minimum wage for RMG workers likely by August: Anisul Haq
7/3/06 Ledger-Enquirer (Columbus,Georgia): Not made in the U.S.A.
6/19/06 BusinessWeek: Stalking High-Tech Sweatshops
6/19/06 Agence France Presse: Bangladesh garment workers to stage fresh protests for wage hikes
6/17/06 LA Times: Haiti Seeks US Tariff Relief for Garment Industry
6/17/06 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Editorial: All-star effort / The Pirates should speak up about sweatshops
6/16/06 Women's Wear Daily: Jeans Take the Global Production Path
6/13/06 Bangkok Post: Shrimpers in Rough Waters
6/12/06 Financial Times: Retailers see all their activities through green filter ETHICAL CONSUMERS
6/12/06 New York Times: Sweatshops in Africa? Consider the Case of Jordan
6/8/06 LA Times: Democrats Mark DeLay's Exit by Targeting Island Manufacturers
6/8/06 The Oregonian: In relief of Mr. Kristof, The Rocket
6/7/06 Washington Post: Democrats Renew Push for Mariana Labor Bill
6/6/06 New York Times: In Praise of the Maligned Sweatshop
5/06 Social Observatory Institute (Brazil): Is this in fashion?
C&A sells clothes produced in clandestine sweatshops that exploit illegal immigrants
5/24/06 Reuters: Oxfam blows whistle on sports manufacturers
5/3/06 New York Times: An Ugly Side of Free Trade: Sweatshops in Jordan
5/3/06 Women's Wear Daily: Fair Trade Fashion Takes Off in Europe
4/27/06 International Labor Rights Fund Position Statement: Ethical Consumerism and the Designated Supplier Program
4/20/06 CorpWatch: Target: Wal-Mart Lite
4/20/06 Coalition for Justice in the Maquiladoras Press Release: Lajat Struggle Resolved in Unprecented Negotiations
3/29/06 SweatFree Communities Press Release: Legislature Passes Anti-Sweatshop Bill
3/27/06 USA Today: How Barbie is Making Business a Little Better
3/23/06 International Labor Organization Online: Is the “Barbie Doll factor” good or bad for international labour markets?
3/14/06 South China Morning Post: Kingmaker to close plants after losing Timberland deal
3/3/06 The Hindu: Cross Stitches
2/28/06 SweatFree Communities News Release: Maine Governor Launches National Anti-Sweatshop Initiative
2/23/06 SweatFree Communities News Release: Schools, Cities, States Unite to Fight for Historic Sweatshop Reforms
Associated Press: U.S. rules delaying CAFTA
Phoenix Weekly: Mainland Toy Companies Facing the ICTI Delemma
2/10/06 Toronto Star: Sweatshop policy gains clout
2/06 Contexts: Consumers with a Conscience: Will they pay more?
1/25/06 Financial Times: Bono signs big names to fight Aids
Reuters: Labor conditions improving -- slowly -- in factories
12/7/06 Deutsche Presse-Agentur: India's weaving industry falls victim to globalization
Associated Press: Report: Overseas factories still see overtime problems
The Nation: Students Confront Sweatshops

International Relations Center: San Francisco Board of Supervisors is a Global Good Neighbor

Financial Times: Social audits 'are failing to detect factory abuses'
Brand Strategy: SUPPLY CHAINS: Working on a chain gang
Workforce Management: Have outsourcer monitoring programs run their course?
Associated Press: SF Pledges to Use Purchasing Power to Produce Sweatshop Reform
Industrial Safety and Hygiene News Online: ISO’s Social Responsibility guidelines: A small step forward — maybe
7/05 Word Magazine: Sweatshop Labour in Hip-Hop Apparel
Summer 2005 Boston Review: American Sweatshops: Organizing workers in the global economy
Namibia: Textile Sector Stumbles As Foreign Owners Pull Out
New York Times: Low-cost and sweatshop-free
4/23/05 The Times: Nike on the run after Coke's cave-in
4/21/05 The Daily Campus - News (UConn): Co-op gets 'Union Made'
4/22/05 Financial Times: Why ethical sourcing means show and tell
4/16/05 Independent: The ethical revolution sweeping through the world's sweatshops
4/13/05 Nike disclosure takes an extra step
4/11/05 Associated Press: 4 Killed in Bangladesh Factory Collapse
4/4/05 USA Today: Cambodia's sales pitch: Sweatshop-free products
3/17/05 Guilt-Free Shopping
3/15/05 Lou Dobbs: Sweatfree clothing
5/11/04 Houston Chronicle: Labor Supporters Wary of Trade Pact
3/4/04 BBC: Olympic race: Tales of workers' woes
Washington Post: Chinese Workers Pay for Wal-Mart's Low Prices
The Economist: Capitalism in the Raw
New York Times: Ruse in Toyland: Chinese Workers' Hidden Woe
ILRF Commissions Investigation of Mexican Factory
Open Letter to Nike by FLA-Member NGOs
New York Times: "Anti-Sweatshop Movement is
Achieving Gains Overseas," by Steven Greenhouse
ILRF to Train NGO Factory Monitors
Twenty-two Colleges and Universities Support International Labor Rights Fund
International Labor Rights Fund Endorses the Apparel Industry Partnership Agreement
Fall 05 Human Rights Brief: The Unocal Settlement
7/05 Mother Jones: Pirates of the Corporation
Spring 05
Chapman Law Review: Doe V. Unocal: Holding Corporations Liable for Human Rights Abuses on their Watch
LA Times: Unocal Settles Human Rights Lawsuit Over Alleged Abuses at Myanmar Pipeline
1/24/05 Business Week: A Milestone for Human Rights
Unocal Plans to Settle Human Rights Suits Stemming from Pipeline Project in Burma
Financial Times: Unocal Pays Out in Burma Abuse Case
LA Times: Unocal to Settle Rights Claims
9/15/04 FT: Judge allows human rights lawsuit against Unocal to proceed
LA Times: Unocal Must Face Abuse Suit
9/14/04 NY Times: Judge OK's Human Rights Suit Against Unocal
FT: The Questions Over Aiding and Abetting
2/10/04 Mother Jones: Courting Responsibility
1/23/04 Court finds that Unocal knew or should have known that human rights abuses would occur at the time it entered into project negotiations; permits case to go forward.
1/22/04 AP: L.A. judge to issue oral ruling on Unocal's liability in human rights case
12/10/03 New York Times: Lawyer Says Unocal Should Not Shift Blame
12/10/03 LA Times: Unocal Trial on Myanmar Pipeline Opens
12/09/03 Wall Street Journal: Unocal Myanmar Project Trial Opens in Los Angeles
11/24/03 Time: Slave Labor?
9/14/03 Toronto Star: Corporations Facing Abuse Suits
8/13/03 Washington Post: Pipeline to Justice
8/08/03 New York Times editorial: An Important Human Rights Tool
8/01/03 L.A. Times: California Law to Govern Unocal Human Rights Case, Judge Rules
6/30/03 The Nation: Profits at Gunpoint
6/23/03 U.S. News & World Report: The Court of Foreign Affairs
6/16/03 L.A. Times: 1789 Law Acquires Human Rights Role
6/15/03 L.A. Times: Pipeline to Justice?
5/19/03 Common Dreams News Center: Villagers Vs. Oil Giant
5/03 Human Rights Dialogue: Alien Tort Claims Act: Burma by U Maung Maung
Open Society News: Holding Businesses and Burma's Government Responsible for Human Rights Abuses
L.A. Times: U.S. Ruling Says Firms Liable for Abuse Abroad
Plaintiffs Win Ninth Circuit Victory Over Unocal
Washington Post Editorial: Powell's Awkward Position
L.A. Times: Judge Lets Unocal Ask State Dept. to Intervene in Myanmar Lawsuit
The Nation: Corporate Human Rights
Far Eastern Economic Review: The Era of Responsibility
Newsweek Web Exclusive: 'The Party is Over'
Boston Globe: Bad Business in Burma
Los Angeles Times: Judge OKs UNOCAL Abuse Lawsuit
New York Times: UNOCAL to Face Suit on Human Rights
Wall Street Journal: UNOCAL Will Face Suit Over Myanmar Venture
Burmese Workers Suing Unocal in Los Angeles Will Have Their Day in Court
Burmese Workers Win U.S. Court Ruling Against UNOCAL Corporation
Washington Post: Claim Against UNOCAL Rejected
Judge Ronald S.W. Lew Rules Against Slave Laborers
Working for UNOCAL in Burma
Washington Post: "Uphold Human Rights Amid Globalization", by Harry Wu
Washington Post: "UNOCAL 'Smoking Gun' Alleged"
6/06/04 El Caribe: RD enfrenta denuncias por acoso sexual en la OIT
9/14/03 Estudio revela que trabajadoras de zonas francas son víctimas del acoso sexual
Foreign Policy in Focus: Trade is a Women's Issue, by Bama Athreya.
Washington Post: Senate Panel to Defy Bush, Vote on Women's Treaty
Pattern of Sexual Violence Against Women & Their Daughters
Revealed in Production of Imported Kenyan Coffee
Financial Times: US May Press Countries over Labour Rights
The Guardian: Deadly Blooms: Colombia's flower industry is based on the exploitation of its women workers
President Clinton Gives ILRF New Grant to Fight Abuse of Women in Sweatshops
6/28/06 Fortune Magazine: Corporate America's hidden risks
6/19/06 Diario El Comercio: La agresión a los trabajadores crece
6/18/06 Miami Herald: CAFTA threatens small farmers
5/30/06 Financial Times: Globalisation must be saved from the radical global utopians
5/4/06 Inquirer (Philippines): RP now 2nd most dangerous country for labor unions
4/24/06 Forbes: Your Image in Court
4/5/06 Boston Globe: Selling out or buying in?
3/24/06 Associated Press: Argentines Remember Victims of Dirty War
3/19/06 New York Times: Fair Prices for Farmers: Simple Idea, Complex Reality
3/9/06 National Journal's CongressDailyAM: Democrats, Labor Sound Warnings On Peru Free-Trade Deal
3/2/06 New York Times: Central American Trade Deal Is Being Delayed by Partners
3/1/06 The Nation: CAFTA's Corpse Revived
2/22/06 Washington Post: World Bank Goes Into the Global Crafts Business
2/22/06 Palm Beach Post: Toss a tomato at fair-trade label
1/19/06 Daily Texan: Beneath the Golden Arches
1/13/06 Reuters: Mexico activist freed in surprise rights victory
1/11/06 Common Dreams: Bush Administration Using Implementation of CAFTA Agreement to Further Expand Corporate Rights in Central America
1/5/06 Diario La Tribuna: Work stoppage at Urraco banana plantations
Sarbanes-Oxley: Make-TIAA-CREF Ethical Coalition Makes It Voice Heard
Time Magazine: Getting Smart at Being Good - Are Companies Better Off for It?
Global Exchange: The 14 Worst Corporate Evildoers
Triangle Business Journal: Union takes case against North Carolina to ILO
12/9/05 United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America (UE) Press Rlease: Complaint filed with UN Agency Accusing North Carolina of International Labor Law Violations
BBC: Mali's David v Goliath GM struggle
Inside US Trade: Levin Sees Little USTR Willingness to Compromise on Labor in FTAs

East Bay Express: Was DiFi Batting for Big Oil?

10/25/05 YaleGlobal: China, India Superpower? Not so Fast!
9/26/05 Hiding the truth about CAFTA
Chicago Tribune: Redefining Fair Trade
7/1/05 The Frontrunner: Senate Approves CAFTA
New York Times: Report Criticizes Labor Standards in Central America
Associated Press : U.S. Blocked Release of CAFTA Reports
KESQ Channel 3: Administration blocked release of reports on Central America trade agreement
ILRF Media Advisory: New Reports on Labor Conditions in Sugar Industry in Central America
6/24/05 Miami Herald: CAFTA provides summer suspense in Washington
6/12/05 Washington Post: CAFTA in Peril on Capitol Hill
On Point radio program on forced labor in the global economy
5/3/05 Levin Cites Critical Reports On Central American Labor
5/3/05 CQ: Reports Raise Concerns About Labor Standards in CAFTA Countries, Foe Says
4/12/05 t r u t h o u t | Perspective: Central America up in arms over CAFTA
4/5/05 Lou Dobbs Tonight: CAFTA
4/5/05 ILRF Press Release: On Eve of CAFTA Debate
Reuters: Guatemalan anti-free trade protester shot dead
Knight Ridder: Products of Brazil's slavery find way to U.S. markets
7/14/04 CorpWatch: Not in their backyard
6/30/04 Washington Post: Rights Ruling a Compromise
6/30/04 NY Times: Human Rights Abuses Worldwide Are Held to Fall Under U.S. Courts
6/29/04 Financial Times: Court Limits the Use of US Law by Foreigners
6/29/04 ILRF: Leading Human Rights Lawyer Hails Supreme Court Decision Upholding Alien Tort Claims
4/30/04 ICFTU: May Day: Trade unions around the world call for respect for workers' rights
4/1/04 Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Don't deny world's abused the justice of U.S. courts
3/31/04 Washington Post: Court Hears Cases on Agents' Actions Abroad
3/31/04 New York Times: Justices Hear Case About Foreigners' Use of Federal Courts
3/30/04 New York Times: Legal Actions Over Foreign Misdeeds
2/24/04 La Prensa Libre: EE.UU. estudia suspender los acuerdos arancelarios por violaciones laborales
2/17/04 Wall Street Journal: Is Your Grocery List Politically Correct?
1/04 Conflicto laboral en DELSUR (El Salvador)
12/30/03 New York Times: China's Workers Unite, but Bosses Run the Unions

New York Times: Labor Rallies in Support of Bill to Back the Right to Join Unions

12/10/03 U.S. Arrests Iraqi Union Leaders
12/04/03 NY Times: On Eve of Trade Talks, Group Reports Salvador Labor Abuses
11/25/03 LA Times: Grocery Unions Battle to Stop Invasion of the Giant Stores (Wal-Mart)
11/25/03 New York Times: The Wal-Martization of America
11/24/03 LA Times: Scouring The Globe to Give Shoppers an $8.63 Polo Shirt (Wal-Mart)
11/23/03 LA Times: An Empire Built on Bargains Remakes the Working World (Wal-Mart)
10/5/03 BBC: Legal Aid for China's Workers
Mexico Accepts NAALC petition regarding treatment of H-2A workers in US
The New York Times: The Court of Last Resort
In These Times: Laws of Empire: Bush Again Supports Corporations Over Human Rights
Globe and Mail: Bush to NGOs: Watch Your Mouths
The New York Times: A Needed Human Rights Law
Human Rights Dialogue: Alien Tort Claims Act: Holding Corporations Accountable for Human Rights Violations in the Global Economy.
The Nation: Corporate Human Rights
San Francisco Chronicle: Ecuador Border Tainted by U.S.-Made Coca Killer
Spring 02
The Key Human Rights Challenge: Developing Enforcement Mechanisms
New York Times: U.S. Courts Become Arbiters of Global Rights and Wrongs
Foreign Policy in Focus: "Don't Strengthen the WTO by Admitting
China," by Sarah Anderson, John Cavanagh and Bama Athreya
US Advocacy for Reform of the WTO – Progress or Posturing ?
"China's Big Losers", by Bama Athreya
Mexico Announces Review of Washington State Apple Workers Complaint Under NAFTA Labor Side Agreement
Faulting U.S. Labor Laws, Mexican Unions File "Broadest" NAFTA Labor Complaint on Washington State Apple Industry
ILRF Seeks Enforcement of Law That Conditions U.S. Support for IMF Bailout of Korea, Indonesia and Thailand on Improved Enforcement of Worker Rights
Clinton's Fast Track Deal with Senate Contains More False Promises
NAO Case Filed to Stop Illegal Firings at Korean Firm in Mexico
Clinton's Fast Track Proposal Sells Out Labor and Environment
Daimler Chrysler / Argentina

3/24/06 Associated Press: Argentines Remember Victims of Dirty War
5/15/05 O Globo: Kirchner promete apoio a investigações
4/21/05 Photo of former DaimlerChrysler workers staging a protest to demand justice in Argentina
4/4/05 New York Times: Half-Century Later, a New Look at Argentine-Nazi Ties
1/28/04 Irish Times: Mercedes in the Dock
Sacramento Bee: Suit accuses DaimlerChrysler in killings of Argentine workers
1/15/04 BBC: Car Giant "Abused Human Rights"
1/15/04 Associated Press: Argentine War Victims Sue Mercedes-Benz
1/15/04 San Francisco Chronicle: Carmaker sued by kin of Argentine workers

7/12/06 New York Times: A Dangerous Job in Colombia
5/10/06 International Labor Rights Fund: Mother’s Day Brings Extra Strain for Colombian and Ecuadorian Women Workers
3/10/06 The State of the Colombian Flower Industry over 2005
2/14/06 Miami Herald: Colombian union chief confronts Dole Flowers
2/14/06 Cactus Press Release: Dia de las Trabajadoras y Trabajores de Flores 2006
2/13/06 UCLA Daily Bruin: Pesticides kill the romance
2/12/06 Reuters: The Globalized Valentine Flowers
2/10/06 The Arkansas Traveler: A Thorn in Valentine's Side
2/9/06 LA Times: Flower Farmers Going Organic
2/8/06 San Franciso Chronicle: A Rose is a Rose... Or is It?
2/3/06 EcoTalk: Organic Flowers and Chocolates
1/27/06 Diario El Comercio: Otro 'boom' de las flores
Sentinel: California Cut Flower Commission may sue Colombia government for illegal trade
9/1/05 Campaign for Labor Rights update: Sintrasplendor Union's Registry Approved!
8/25/05 The Nation: Kenya: Complaints by workers mar bloom in flower farms
7/05 Cactus Bulletin: Floricultura y derechos laborales
6/9/05 Tiempos del Mundo (Colombia): Crecer con Compromiso Social
USA Today: Growers Say it With Organic Flowers
2/14/05 LA Times: Taking Child Slavery Out of Valentine's Day
2/14/05 Miami Herald: Buy Roses With Workers' Rights in Mind
2/11/05 Valentine's Day Sweatshops
2/10/05 Boulder Weekly: Tainted Love: The dirty truth behind America's traditional valentines
Shanghai Star: Flower Power
Chicago Sun Times: Flower Workers Deserve Better (op-ed by Rep. Schakowsky)
2/16/04 Flower Workers Day Makes Progress
2/14/04 ABC News: Poison Posies?
2/13/03 New York Times: Behind Roses' Beauty, Poor and Ill Workers
8/29/01 The Guardian: Deadly Blooms


7/06 Harper's: Breaking the Chain - The antitrust case against Wal-Mart
6/27/06 PR Newswire: Wal-Mart Convenes Group of Experts to Discuss Sustainable Business Solutions for the Textile Supply Chain
6/12/06 International Herald Tribune (France): Next Chinese export: Inflation
6/12/06 Washington Post: For Wal-Mart, Fair Trade May Be More Than a Hill of Beans
6/4/06 New York Times Magazine: Mass Natural
6/2/06 UNI Global Union: Wal-Mart blocking union in Ghana
6/1/06 All Headline News: Cancer-Causing Children's Clothes Found In Wal-Marts In China
5/31/06 MarketWatch: 'Where's my pay package?'
5/3/06 New York Times: An Ugly Side of Free Trade: Sweatshops in Jordan
4/13/06 Washington Post: Cart Blanche? The Megamarket's Savings Don't Come Cheap
4/11/06 Wal-Mart brings with it a hidden price that we are all paying
4/06 AFL-CIO: Unchecked: How Wal-Mart Uses Its Might to Block Port Security
3/30/06 New York Times: Wal-Mart Begins Quest for Generals in P.R. War
3/29/06 Associated Press: Wal-Mart steps up surprise inspections of foreign factories
3/25/06 Guardian: Wal-mart leads charge in race to grab a slice of China
3/24/06 Associated Press: Wal-Mart's move to organics could shake up retail world
3/24/06 The Spokane-Review: Attention Wal-Mart shoppers: Remove those pesky conscience stains
3/20/06 Reuters: Letter from India: The Wal-Mart debate
3/16/06 USA Today: Wal-Mart's hired advocate takes flak
3/15/06 Associated Press: Wal-Mart Ups Central American Investment
3/7/06 The Black Commentator: Andrew Young: Shameless Son
3/3/06 San Diego City Beat: Factory fires spark burning questions about the perils of apparel
3/2/06 National Public Radio: Andrew Young, In Defense of Wal-Mart
2/26/06 Knight-Ridder: A look inside the Wal-Mart business model
2/8/06 Maine Public Broadcasting Network: Proposal Would Beef Up Maine's Anti-Sweatshop Law
2/6/06 Bangor Daily News: Ending sweatshop labor
Yale Daily News: Workers discuss Wal-Mart
2/6/06 The Republican: Workers stage Wal-Mart rally
2/2/06 The Pitch: Always Low, Always
1/25/06 Knight Ridder: Wal-Mexico: Wal-Mart's biggest success
1/23/06 Global fishiness
1/4/06 Manufacturing News: Wal-Mart Lawyers Outsmart Labor Department Regulators
12/20/05 Epoch: Holiday Gifts from Chinese Sweatshops
Bloomberg News: Wal-Mart's Chinese Plants Exploit Workers, Groups Say
AlterNet: What Wal-Mart Wants from the WTO
LA Times: Wal-Mart Hopes WTO Will Help It Open a Door
Boston Globe: Children protest outside Wal-Mart
12/9/05 Powerlines: Low Prices: Widespread Torture: Our new system of global production
12/3/06 Business Standard: Who's Afraid of Wal-Mart?
12/2/06 CCNMatthews: Exposed!
Portage Daily Graphic (Manitoba): Investigation Says Wal-Mart Suppliers Use Child Labour
Lansing State Journal: Protesters target local Wal-Mart
Daily Iowan: Workers share horror stories
New York Times: A Return to Quotas
11/7/05 AlterNet: Wal-Mart's 'China Price'
New York Times: Labor Dept. Is Rebuked Over Pact With Wal-Mart
New York Times: A New Weapon for Wal-Mart: A War Room
New York Times: What Is Organic? Powerful Players Want a Say
Corporate Legal Times: Labor Group Holds Wal-Mart To Code Of Conduct
The New Republic: Wal-Mart Still Doesn't Get It
Associated Press: Update 1: Wal-Mart to Toughen Overseas Standards
Toronto Globe and Mail: Ex-Wal-Mart workers win battle
9/16/05 NY Times: Wal-Mart Questions Motives Of Lawsuit by Labor Group
LA Times: Wal-Mart Faces Suit by Labor Group
Financial Times: Wal-Mart faces sweat-shop lawsuit
NY Times: Suit Says Wal-Mart Is Lax on Labor Abuses Overseas
Reuters: Workers Sue Wal-Mart Over Sweatshop Conditions
9/13/05 Press Release: Sweatshop Workers on Four Continents Sue Wal-Mart
in California Court
New York Times: Fired Officer Is Suing Wal-Mart
6/17/05 Dateline NBC: Human cost behind bargain shopping
5/4/05 As Goes Wal-Mart
5/4/05 NYT: Can't Wal-Mart, a Retail Behemoth, Pay More?
4/15/05 The Nation: Sweet Victory: Maryland Stands Up To Wal-Mart
4/8/05 Wall Street Journal: A Wal-Mart Legend's Trail of Deceit


6/06 Co-Op America: Firestone Under Fire
5/24/06 BBC News: Firestone in Liberia rubber row
5/9/06 Reuters: Liberia hands Firestone ultimatum on plantation
4/21/06 The Analyst (Monrovia): Exploitation in Liberia
3/11/06 Workers World: Firestone blocks U.S. union aid to Liberia strike By G. Dunkel
2/28/06 AllAfrica: Liberia; Thanks U.S., But...
2/24/06 The Tennessean: Firestone workers say fundraiser was quelled
2/15/06 Reuters: Production Resumes at Firestone Liberia Rubber Plant
12/30/05 Lawsuit Alleges Slavery and Child Labor on Liberian Firestone Plantation
Inter Press Service: LIBERIA: Rubber Workers Charge Slave-Like Conditions
12/8/05 LIBERIA: Firestone Sued Over "Slave" Plantation
Reuters: Workers talk of hardship at Liberia's Firestone
The Analyst Newspaper: 14,000 ‘Slaves’ Seek Relief
11/22/05 Firestone in Trouble Again in US Court for Practicing Slavery
11/21/05 Firestone Mirred in Slave Labor Charges in Liberia
The Age: Rights group accuses Bridgestone
CNN International: Is Bridgestone/Firestone Exploiting Liberian Workers?

Chevron Texaco

4/26/06 El Mercurio: Más demandas contra Texaco
4/26/06 Diario El Comercio (Ecuador): Nueve ecuatorianos demandan a Texaco
4/25/06 Ecuador Inmediato: Nueva demanda contra Chevrón fue presentada en Estados Unidos